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Joy Uprising

Dec 1, 2021

Gabby and her boo, Anayvette explore love in lockdown and how they continue to find joy every single day . Anayvette shares her healing joyful practices as a queer Latina femme mama and offers insight into the radical future of LGBTQ love . 

Nov 17, 2021

Gabby and Tate talk soft ancestral healing via drumming and building community. Rate shares their journey into learning more about their Korean heritage as a biracial human and the joys of finding queer Korean community.


Nov 3, 2021

Gabby and cb lee, author and self-proclaimed disaster bisexual talk writing adventure stories, baby-making during the pandemic and how joy finds its way into cb’s works. cb offers insight into curating the chillest poly-est chosen family and letting joy find its way to you.


Oct 20, 2021

Gabby and her mom talk healing through homophobia, evangelical church and making gay crocheted blankets. Gabby’s mom offers her story on how she went from anti-gay to gay parade when both her kids came out.


Oct 6, 2021

Gabby and the CEO of Bitch Magazine, Evette Dionne, talk bad bitch joy and reclaiming media for BIPOC. Gabby talks about how Bitch magazine helped her navigate the crushing white supremacy of American news media especially during the pandemic. Evette gives us insight into her journey to CEO status and all the ways she...